Sunday, June 28, 2009


This is my passion
My passion is this
This here that you are reading
Writing, for me is bliss

This is not my best
Doesn’t come close
But it is my introduction you see
In this, I will hopefully take my repose*

Not many are privy
To my inner world you see
Criticism hurts
But this is the way it must be

So my fear I will swallow
Thick-skin I will develop
I cannot hold it in any longer
My passion, I will display with my head up

Hiding my thoughts no longer
Sharing them with all
Opening myself up now
Praying I will not fall

Hoping to touch a few hearts
Perhaps provoke a serious thought or two
Evoke a myriad of emotions
At any rate, I hope something I write touches you

Elaine Walton

*noun: a disposition free from stress or emotion


George said...
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George said...

The poetry sounds like a insecure, fearful person attempting to come out of their shell.

The only repose that will be stress-free or emotionless is when a person is dead.

If you live, you'll have to risk dying.

If you love, you'll have to risk rejection, betrayal, bitterness, hate, depression and abuse.

If you trust, you'll risk infidelity.

Last of all, if you allow fear of failure to rule your heart, then you're not living.

The best repose that really work is to be willing to forgive all men (no matter what the offense is) Please understand that forgiving others do not mean allowing yourself to get abused, or walked-over repeatedly after confronting the offending party about the discrepancy.

By the way, forgive yourself. Unrealistic expectations that an individual impose on them self will render fear and paralyze any potential accomplishments.

Nuff said...

lainey412 said...

Well George, I think you hit the nail on the head. I was a fearful person afraid to come out of my shell. Now, I'm a bit bolder!!! Growth is GREAT!