Monday, August 1, 2011


total strangers

Every day that passes
The distance gets wider
The deeper the wounds
More extensive the damage
Hearts grow numb
Soon we will forget
Distant memory
Total strangers
Major lost

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lainey412 said...

Heart-break is a slow heal
Your touch I can still feel
Never understand why we fell apart
You are still so much in my heart
I don't like you, but I still love you
But your cowardice broke me in two
Wish you thought I was worth fighting for
Past your insecurity that permeated from your core
But to love outside
You must love inside
Yourself you never tried to love
So yourself you place above
I'll find strength in me
I always have you see
Relationships are not worth it
Not even when it seems a perfect fit
If you can't weather the storm
So another heart you have torn
I'm slowing falling for Elaine
Just me, I will not cause me any pain