Friday, August 12, 2011


I have an incurable craving for something thick with cream, sugar, butter and that is crumbly, moist with a bit of crispiness. I’ve perused 2 food blogs today… I love food because I usually don’t indulge in a lot of it; as I try to maintain and most times lose weight and I’m a sucker for wonderful pictures of “anything.”

Beautifully photographed food is an awesome marriage between two things I would love to be doing on a full time basis. Well, not full time… I much rather write than anything. But creating culinary exquisiteness and capturing them on a sweet digital would be pretty epic!

As it stands, my life is the song Mad World right now and my creative prowess’s are reduced to the one thing I love the most… writing! Silver lining – I have hands. To combine my writing with photography would be uber-terrif!  But my Mad World status has my income and out-pays very unbalanced in the wrong direction if you catch my drift. Imagine that, making good money and still can’t afford shit!

Just another random thought by Elaine who loves to write, but mostly doesn’t have an audience to listen. Reminds me of the tree falling in the forest and no one being there… you know where I’m going with this?


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