Monday, September 26, 2011

The Ramblings of a Healing Heart

 Dedicated to Nicholyn... you are not alone.

For as bitter as life treats us
For as deep as pain crushes us
For as many times we are let down
For every time a piece of our heart dies
For all the lies and all the deceit
For the false faces that were served up as true
For all the selfish acts
For all the evil schemes played out
For the audacity to rip out our beating flesh
For the nerve to think we are stupid
For as much as wrong was rationalized to be right
For the day paradise was lost
For the hour respect was no longer
For the minute love turned into indifference
For the reality of the harsh truth of who you are
For the shell that will develop to protect what was raped
For us that have received rubbish for our generous gift of love…
My heart knows these things as well as yours
Close your eyes and dare to dream for a better day
Open your eyes and know that you are not alone
We are hundreds among the millions selfish
Many days we walk alone
But we are not
Together we will stand strong
Mustering the faith to move passed it all
Learning to trust and love again
This too shall pass
There is abundant love and respect out there for you and me
We deserve the best
Cry now and process
Tomorrow is a brighter day
With so much promise
You are not alone
And I say again, you are not alone
Love to all the true soldiers of trust, respect and love
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