Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still Healing From You!

Steal Healing from You!

Sometimes I think of you
And I still wonder why?
Wonder what it was all about
Wonder why you made my cry?

Sometimes there is a scent
Or something as simple as a song
That takes me back
And I realize that it hasn’t been that long

Since you left my side
With no goodbye or reason
Just “Poof” and you were gone
Such a furtive act of treason

To rob me of my anniversary
And most of all my trust
How stupid I must have looked to you
What was shiny to me once is now tainted with rust

How foolish of me not to see it
The play on words blinded me to its meaning
What I thought was cleaver
You were never staying, you were always leaving

Sly and shifty your plan was
To deceive a naive
I wonder if you sleep sound at night
Knowing all the broken promises you gave

I want you to know that I know
But to contact you gives you more power
And importance in my life
I will refrain; you’ve made my view of love so sour

You and your haughty judgments of my intentions
When it was you who hide your real hand
You are every bit the sly fox with you stealth actions
You are beneath me, a coward and never a man!

Elaine Walton


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