Saturday, May 16, 2015

Old Skin

Peeling away the old skin is hard
Breaking free of its leathery hold is painful
But free I have to be
To feel comfortable in my new skin
I must chip away at the old skin that binds me
I labor hard to be free of its roughness
It’s familiarity, its commonness, its mediocre appearance
New skin is good skin
Healthy in everyway
Supple, soft, smooth
Not weathered from life’s storms
It is comfortable; although different
Many may gawk at it in wonder
Some will admire it
Few may be motivated by it
Many may be infuriated by it
Being comfortable in your skin has its price to pay
Not all will be agreeable
But they do not know the struggle
The peeling, the chipping, and the labor it takes
To become someone “you” like, not what the world likes
To be this wonderful person that only has to answer to you
And your heavenly Father
To realize that you are indeed “ok” just the way you are
Despite color, age, race and status
When we love ourselves despite public opinion
That’s when our skin starts to moisten, soften and silken
Now isn’t that a more comfortable garment to wear?


It takes a lot of time and patience to decide to adopt a grown Human. My daughter has hers on a Rent To Own package and I have the Lay A Way package… I don’t get the merchandise until I’m Paid In Full! 

                         Bah, ha ha ha!